Project Summary

A bamboo fabric dome commissioned for the Pablo Sarmiento Group in close proximity to the expected new government centre of the Bangsamoro. This is a place for people to congregate and serves as a symbol of peace between the Muslims, Christians and Lumads of the region.

The name ‘Banwag’ comes from the Visayan word for beacon or illumination. Its design is evocative of decorative patterning in Islamic architecture and its dome shape reminds us of the vaulted domes of the early Mosques and Cathedrals.

The dome is a unique bamboo structure adopting computational design and digital fabrication. It is a trimmed (ribbed) lamella dome. The membrane of the structure is divided into 3 different layers to allow for a chimney effect for natural ventilation. The dome itself is fabricated using treated bamboo poles interlocked with stainless nodes.

The bamboo framework forms a geometric pattern consisting of star shaped triangles. A mast upholds the top fabric. A copper pin is installed on the floor at the exact midpoint of the structure.

We have designed the structure in such a way that it can be easily adapted to install a multi-colored LED lighting scheme to convert the structure to a giant lightshow and beacon at night. When using light on the interior, lighting up the fabric from within, the geometric pattern of the bamboo appears on the outside. Different colours can be introduced to signify different celebrations or events throughout the year.

Want Something Similar?

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The modular parametric staircase is a script originally tested as an art installation for Arco Madrid.

This unique design makes the staircase look like it is “floating” above the ground and it can be adapted for use within and outside modern interior office spaces or large residences. The staircase design can be uniquely adopted and customised, with or without railing, for varying locations and uses depending on your requirements. With its contemporary look and versatile functionality, this staircase can be an exclusive centrepiece that is completely functional.

Decorative Ceilings

A room and its use can be transformed by changing or adapting the shape of its ceiling. In past projects we have been challenged to precisely that; what can be done in order to change the look and feel of a particular space.

Likeminds, a theatre foundation in the Netherlands, approached us to transform a rehearsal space for a theatre company in Amsterdam into a space that exudes warmth and was acoustically better suited for an audience.

In conjunction with ‘Baranowitz Kronenberg Architecture’, Jasper Niens through “superproject”, his former collaboration, was engaged for the design, engineering and supervision of the 400 m2 stretch ceiling of the event space of the W Hotel in Amsterdam.

Geodesic Domes

Check out our article on the Geodesic Dome Installation for the Sea Games in New Clark City

Free Form Parametric Space Truss Systems

Derived from the grid-shell pioneered by Vladimir Shukhov, ‘Free-Form Parametric Space Truss System’ is a build technique that emanated as a result of Jasper’s development of free form sculptures. First pioneered in his art piece titled 510. It was further developed such that the skin was made an integral part of the structure in 510-II, and its applications were tested even further in UTMT.